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How do I return a book that I rented?

We don't sell the books, we just list prices and links to sites that sell them.

There are two ways to find out who you rented a book from, if you're having trouble remembering:

1) check the email account that was used on the orders as every provider we list sends order confirmation emails when the order goes through. Check your school email as well as your personal email.

2) check your credit card statement around the time you purchased the books. There's nothing we can do to help as we do not have order information on hand (you click a link that we provide to go to websites that rent them - we're hands off at that point and never get access to your information).

If neither of these two options work, we are unable to do anything to help as we (SlugBooks) never have access to any of your order or payment details - we are simply a site that provides links to the sites that you actually end up renting from. It is likely that the site you rented from will attempt to get in touch near the end of the rental term to facilitate a return.

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